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Software for Board Meetings

The shortcomings, redundancies, and defects of conducting board meetings on paper are addressed by board management software, a simple and cutting-edge technology solution. It makes it possible to handle a board director’s workflow and procedures effectively.

Real-time information sharing, automatic meeting setup, digital documentation, and improved communication channels are all advantages of board management software.

The majority of businesses choose a board management solution from a vendor since it is simple to integrate into their current IT infrastructure and already meets the relevant security requirements.

OnBoard Board Management Software

Board meetings have to be well-informed, efficient, and simple. The OnBoard board intelligence platform simplifies time-consuming, cumbersome, and complex board meeting procedures so that boards can concentrate on what’s most important: realizing their organizational mission. Discover a board portal that streamlines decision-making by establishing a system of records for administrators, executives, and directors that can be accessed at any time and from any location with simple data and analytics. With meetings that are more collaborative, productive, and successful, boards may flourish thanks to the board management software from OnBoard. Utilize Onboard’s no-obligation free trial to evaluate the service before making a purchase.


BoardPro provides board management software to nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and small caps. By automating the creation of meeting agendas, board packs, minutes, actions, and secure file storage, the BoardPro board portal saves board admins up to 75% of their time. BoardPro safely automates laborious tasks, boosts productivity, and simplifies board meetings so that directors and trustees can concentrate on strategy and important choices. 24/7 live chat and dedicated five-star service provided by actual people. Eighty percent of inquiries are answered in the first two minutes by knowledgeable customer service during business hours. Unlimited users, admins, meetings, data storage, web-app access from any device at any time, and frequent feature updates are all included in a BoardPro membership. The cost of BoardPro software starts at around $75 per month for SMEs and nonprofits. Pay for business plans on a monthly or annual basis. Plans for nonprofits receive a discount when paid annually. To experience how simple running board meetings can be, start a free trial with BoardPro right away.

Azeus Convene

Convene, a highly regarded board management tool improves the effectiveness of meetings by planning and distributing board materials as well as conducting, recording, and producing actions. Convene is preferred by listed businesses, SMEs, banks, governments, organizations, and nonprofits in more than 100 countries because of its secure, user-friendly features. Convene is one of the few extremely adaptable solutions on the market that can be tailored to meet the demands of any customer. It was created by Azeus, a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 5 certified firm with more than 30 years of expertise in IT development. Convene guarantees the security of all of our client’s data through its network of highly secure and accredited data centers. Convene may be hosted on-premises or in the cloud and works with all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Blackberry, and Android.

Boardable Board Management Software

Board leaders and administrators that want a complete solution at a reasonable and flexible cost should choose Boardable. No unforeseen extra fees. Our programs are designed to offer you a thorough understanding of board management and to develop with you. Because we’ve been there, our platform can be used by users of any degree of IT expertise. We are aware that working on your purpose is a better use of your time than learning a challenging new tool. Right out of the box, our solution is usable. Start a free trial today and host your most successful board meeting ever the very next day without the need for a difficult setup, high implementation costs, or a protracted onboarding procedure. Take a look at a live demo of Boardable right now.


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